Coca-Cola life™ is officially launching in Norway on Saturday the 24th of January, and we’re having the first tasting in one of the smallest and most beautiful villages in the country – Reine in Lofoten. Normally launches like these are held in the big cities, and this time we wanted to change that. Reine is one of a kind and the perfect location to host a giant event for our unique new product, so here we are. Throughout the week we will be blogging about the preparations for Saturday’s big launch.

Coca-Cola life is the newest addition to the Coca-Cola family. It has great taste, but with a third fewer calories than regular colas, and it is sweetened with ingredients from natural sources – sugar and stevia-extract.

Reine is a fishing village in Moskenes municipality, Nordland county, in the Lofoten region in northern Norway. Only some 300 people live here. We’re looking forward to making this event memorable together with everyone who lives here.

Coca-Cola life will be available for sale in the rest of Norway starting week 6.

Coca-Cola-life-flag in Reine Lofoten Norway

We’ve teamed up with Norwegian photographer Hanne Pernille Andersen who is documenting our beautiful trip to Northern Norway.


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