Thank you, Reine

After a resounding thumb up from everyone at the taste premier, we made our way over to the local community center to continue the celebration. 

Our preparations during the week had given us the opportunity to team up with a number of local talents, that wanted to assist us at the main party. We really found the crème de la crème here! This is going to be one party the town won’t forget! 

There was Karstein, who served up his special skreimølje (seriously, you should try this) and Anette Bjørnsen who brought out her amazing skewers, which she had marinated in Coca-Cola. Hmmm, delicious! 

coca cola life launch reine lofoten

The dance floor started to fill up as Sørvågen Spellemannslag got their rhythm on and Zaja, a singer and local Reine girl, flew back to perform some songs, one of which she had written specifically for the event. We really have been honored with so much talent!  

coca cola life launch reine lofoten

Of course let’s not forget The Wa Wa Whiteys who played us out with their body moving, energetic African drum beats. For such a small town this place is drenched in diversity!  


To end the celebrations and share our warmest appreciation to everyone who was apart of this amazing journey, we showed a short movie we had made during our time in Reine. It went down really well with the locals and we’ll soon have an edit online. 

It’s been a long but extremely rewarding week here in Reine. We’d like to thank everyone who made this fantastic launch possible. We came from a very big place to a very very small town but the welcome and participation has been greater than we ever expected! Thank you Reine and enjoy Coca-Cola life! 

coca cola life launch reine lofoten

Coca-Cola life is coming to Norway 24th January, and the launch will be celebrated in one of the smallest and most beautiful places in the world: at Reine in Lofoten. The 307 villagers will be the first in Norway to taste the new addition to the Coca-Cola family. This blog documents our launch preparations.


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