This Norwegian life

When we peered out of the window this morning we could hardly believe our eyes. A fierce wind was rocking the boats, a heavy mist had drifted in over the sleepy town and a snow blizzard was in full force. Our nerves started to kick in – would anyone show up to an outside event in such dismal conditions?


Think again! We couldn’t have chosen a more suitable place! The Norwegians have a saying over here “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!” When we pulled up to Coop, we realized how right that saying is! Still half an hour before the launch, we were amazed to see a flurry of people already queuing up. Talk about Vikings! We counted around 200 people who braved the weather to get the first taste of Coca-Cola life in Norway. Seeing as there are only 307 inhabitants in the whole town, we think that’s unbelievable!

coca cola life norge lansering

coca cola life norge lofoten

coca cola life stein rommerud

coca cola life launch norway lofoten

Coca-Cola life is coming to Norway 24th January, and the launch will be celebrated in one of the smallest and most beautiful places in the world: at Reine in Lofoten. The 307 villagers will be the first in Norway to taste the new addition to the Coca-Cola family. This blog documents our launch preparations.


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